Here are the new 2020 California laws that drivers should know about

It’s a new year, which means several new laws passed in 2019 are now in effect. California’s legislators recently passed a number of laws aimed at better outlining the rules of the road, defining how law enforcement officers can act in certain situations, and preventing distracted driving. Here's what you need to know about these new laws and how they ... Read More

What you should know about workplace discrimination

While it is prohibited by both state and federal law, workplace discrimination remains a serious problem in California and the United States as a whole. Discrimination can happen to anyone—man or woman, gay or straight, young or old—and can have a serious impact on nearly every aspect of victims’ lives and career. Many people who experience workplace discrimination suffer emotionally, ... Read More

Understanding reasonable accommodation laws here in California

Employers in California are legally required to provide disabled employees with reasonable accommodations. Applicable disabilities can include both physical and mental disabilities as outlined under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. A qualified employee who does not receive a reasonable accommodation and is denied their lawful rights may be eligible to pursue compensation. If you or someone you love ... Read More

Drunk driver hits a young pedestrian in Glendale

When a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the results can be devastating. Such was the case in August of this year when a Glendale driver with a blood alcohol concentration of almost four times the legal limit struck and critically injured a 13-year old boy in a Glendale Park crosswalk. The suspect was subsequently arrested by police for felony drunk ... Read More

Police seek witnesses to Glendale traffic accident

Traffic accidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities. When a motor vehicle accident occurs, it can sometimes be difficult for investigators to determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault. Such was the case in October of this year when a fatal traffic accident occurred near the intersection of Verdugo and Windsor Road here in Glendale, California. ... Read More

How aggressive driving impacts your health and your driving

Every driver knows what aggressive driving is, at least in theory. At some point, you have likely encountered a driver who honked too much, followed you closely so that you would switch lanes, or sped around you in a risky lane change. However, are you aware of all of the potential negative effects of aggressive driving? In this article, we’ll ... Read More

Glendale pedestrian seriously injured by a highly intoxicated driver

In the late summer, a 13-year-old boy ended up in the hospital with critical injuries after trying to cross Verdugo Road in Glendale. According to a witness, the teenager had the pedestrian crossing light when he started moving across the crosswalk at about 7:50 p.m. A Subaru was driving about 35 to 40 miles-per-hour and failed to stop at the ... Read More

Glendale, CA has some of the nation’s most stressed drivers

Many people get stressed out on the road, especially when they are in a hurry. The work commute is a time when stress and aggravation levels are particularly high for drivers. Not only is this when stop-and-go traffic is most common, but it’s often also the time when drivers are either running late to work or especially anxious to get ... Read More

Everything you should know about slip & fall accidents

What is the leading cause of Americans visiting the emergency room? Most people would probably guess car accidents, heart problems, or contagious diseases, such as the flu. However, according to data from the National Safety Council, the actual leading cause of emergency room visits are slips-and-falls. As one of the most common causes of accidental injury, no one is immune ... Read More

What to do if you are experiencing workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination and harassment is a widespread issue in the American workforce. In their 2018 fiscal year alone, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received more than 519,000 calls, 34,600 emails, and 200,000 inquiries to their field offices. The scope of this issue is even larger, as an untold number of other incidents likely went unreported, either because the ... Read More