Here’s what you should know about disability discrimination in California

Research shows that almost 49 million people—nearly 20% of the population—in the United States live with some type of disability. Not only do people with disabilities make up a significant percentage of society, but they are also present in the U.S. workforce. The law strictly protects such individuals’ right to pursue a successful career and support themselves. Many employers might ... Read More

Orange County sheriff’s deputy injured in motorcycle collision

While police officers are usually the ones who respond to traffic accidents, a recent crash in Orange County demonstrates that law enforcement officers are not immune to getting in crashes of their own, many of which can cause severe injuries. The Orange County Register reports that an Orange County sheriff’s deputy was riding his department motorcycle when a collision occurred ... Read More

Senior adults at increasing risk of fatal falls, study shows

While anyone can slip and fall at any time, the risk is often greater for older adults. The Los Angeles Times reported the results of a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that indicate the risk of fatal falls for seniors is only increasing. If you are a senior or have an older loved one ... Read More

How do most motorcycle accidents occur in Los Angeles?

If you ride, the Los Angeles area is a great place to do it. The beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery make getting out on your bike extremely inviting any time of the year. In fact, every year, more and more motorcyclists take to our roadways, which also means that the frequency of motorcycle accidents is increasing. In this article, we ... Read More

Everything you should know about defensive driving

Defensive driving is a driving technique that every driver should understand and practice. While most of us intuitively know what distracted driving entails, there are specific behaviors that can help make you the safest driver possible, preventing crashes and injuries to you and your passengers whenever possible. Defensive driving takes practice and patience, though it is worth it if you ... Read More

Runaway tire causes serious crash in Irvine

Recently, a 26-year-old former news anchor and journalist was hit by a runaway tire on the I-10 in Irvine, and he was seriously injured in the process. The young man’s parents shared their gut-wrenching story with a local news channel and questioned why the accident happened in the first place. The fact is that crashes on our highways and roadways ... Read More

Bullying caused severe brain injury to Los Angeles student

A Los Angeles school district is being sued after a 12-year-old middle school student allegedly sustained permanent brain and spinal injuries in an assault perpetrated by another student last year. In her lawsuit, the victim’s mother alleges that her son was brutally assaulted and strangled at school by another student (a 14-year-old boy). In a television interview, the mother alleges ... Read More

When should you consult an employment attorney in Los Angeles?

Employment lawyers can help employees in many different situations, but how do you know when it is time to call an attorney? Every situation is different, and you have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation with the experienced employment lawyers at . We can evaluate your situation and advise you on how to best uphold your rights as ... Read More

City of Los Angeles faces wrongful death claim after Costco shooting

The parents of a 32-year-old intellectually disabled man have filed a wrongful death claim after his death by shooting in Costco earlier this summer. Reportedly, the parents and their son were at Costco when their son pushed or shoved an off-duty police officer in the back at a sample line. The officer then identified himself as a member of the ... Read More

The most common causes and consequences of car accidents in Los Angeles

Tens of thousands of people are injured in Los Angeles car accidents every year. In many of these cases, victims are entitled to compensation under California law. These accidents can occur for a number of reasons, and some of the most common scenarios are discussed below. To learn more or to discuss the specifics of your case with an experienced ... Read More