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If your family has lost someone to a wrongful death, Blair & Ramirez LLP can help you recover maximum compensation from the responsible party.

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A wrongful death is an unparalleled tragedy for any family. The loss of a loved one is not only emotionally devastating, but can leave their family with medical bills, end-of-life care costs, and the loss of an income. As an accomplished and aggressive Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, Blair & Ramirez LLP has recovered millions in compensation for our clients.


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    The tragedy and horror of a wrongful death can be overwhelming for any family. At Blair & Ramirez LLP, our attorneys are laser-focused on your case and getting you maximum compensation for the death of your loved one.

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    Our attorneys do not believe in settling for less, especially in a wrongful death case. Our goal is to recover maximum compensation for the family of the deceased, and we are willing to take the suit to trial to do so.

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Understanding Wrongful Death Claims

If they are fortunate, no family will ever have to go through the pain and suffering of losing a loved one too soon. When this tragedy does happen, however, it is important for the victim’s family to understand what their rights are and how wrongful death claims work in the state of California. If your family has lost a loved one due to the negligence, recklessness, or illegal behavior of another person or party, call Blair & Ramirez LLP at (213) 568-4000 for a free consultation. We are an experienced and aggressive wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles that helps the families of victims recover maximum compensation.

Estimated Number Of Medical Error Deaths In The US Each Year

What accidents lead to wrongful deaths here in California?

There are many personal injury scenarios that can lead to a wrongful death in the event that the victim dies. A vehicle-pedestrian collision in which the victim dies and the vehicle’s driver was at fault would be grounds for a wrongful death claim. A fatal slip-and-fall accident where the property owner knew about the slip risk ahead of time but did not act would similarly be grounds for a wrongful death case.

In terms of sheer numbers, car accidents and vehicle collisions are the most common incidents leading to wrongful death claims. When the victim’s death is directly caused by a collision and the driver was impaired, distracted, aggressive, or negligent in car maintenance, the victim’s family may decide to move forward with a wrongful death claim.

What is the impact on the victim’s family?

It goes without saying that a wrongful death is a tragedy without parallel. Someone has lost a child, parent, sibling, or friend due to the negligence of another. Beyond the grief they feel and emotional toll on the victim’s family, they now must also face medical bills, end-of-life costs, and funeral / burial costs for their loved ones. Those costs are only exacerbated by the lost income of the deceased, who may have been the primary contributor to the family.

A wrongful death claim cannot bring back the deceased. But, it can ease the burden of their passing and help their family start the healing process without worrying about medical debt or end-of-life costs. For others, a wrongful death claim may either be a way of getting justice for their loved one or making sure that the accident that killed them never happens again.

Who can make a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased?

In short, the family of the deceased. This includes a spouse or domestic partner; any children; or—in the event that none of those parties exist—the person who would receive the estate of the deceased, which may include the victim’s parents or siblings. In California, if they can prove they were financially reliant on the deceased, putative spouses and their children, as well as stepchildren, can also make a wrongful death claim.
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Common Wrongful Death Claims

While there are a wide number of scenarios that can lead to a wrongful death, these are four of the most common causes of wrongful deaths in the state of California.
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Moving Forward With A Wrongful Death Claim

The death of a loved one is a sudden, horrible event for their family. In the aftershock of that death, families must navigate a tragic and unfamiliar world they never expected to have to enter. You will need an experienced attorney from Blair & Ramirez LLP to review your case and walk you through the wrongful death claim process.

Getting Compensation For A Wrongful Death

The shock and horror of losing a loved one before their time is often overwhelming for their family. Not only must they spend time processing their own grief, but they also need to see to end-of-life care, funeral arrangements, and any wills left by the victim. For very understandable reasons, a wrongful death claim is often not a priority.

However, it is important for families to start work with a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney in the months following the victim’s death. First, the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is only two years. While that may sound like a long time to get your affairs in order, it can go by quickly. Second, it is important for the attorneys at Blair & Ramirez LLP to begin our investigation into the wrongful death. We will want to speak with witnesses, collect video and photo evidence, and review the results of any police reports

Why do you need an experienced attorney?

Wrongful death cases can be complex and are more likely to go to trial than most other personal injury cases, which have the potential to be settled out-of-court so long as the victim receives maximum compensation.

The circumstances of the wrongful death—whether it occurred on the road, at a construction site, or in a shopping mall—influence the California laws and requirements needed to prove negligence. As an example, slip-and-fall claims require proof that the property owner or manager knew or should have known about the hazard ahead of the accident.

Wrongful death claims and suits are civil cases. However, depending on the situation, there may also be a criminal case in progress. An impaired driver who kills a pedestrian may be facing both a wrongful death suit and criminal charges simultaneously.


Do not settle for less than maximum compensation.

The death of a spouse, parent, or loved one has profound and far-reaching consequences on their family. This goes beyond the financial impact: from that tragic day forward, the victim’s family must struggle with the emotional pain and psychological anguish of having to come to terms with the death of someone they love. When the incident that killed them was the result of another’s action or negligence, that pain and anger can be magnified.

Blair & Ramirez LLP helps families get the resources they need to heal after the death of their loved one. As experienced Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys, we aggressively pursue maximum compensation for our clients.

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Blair & Ramirez LLP is an experienced wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles. We help the victim’s family members recover maximum compensation for the wrongful death of their loved one. Call us today for a free consultation.
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