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Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous types of collisions, and can result in significant personal injuries or even death for the rider. If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident here in the Los Angeles area, Blair & Ramirez LLP can help you recover maximum compensation. Call us at (213) 568-4000 for a free consultation.


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    Blair & Ramirez LLP is an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Our attorneys have a limited number of cases they take on at a time, which allows our team to focus on your case and recovering maximum compensation for your motorcycle personal injury.

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    We are experienced motorcycle accident attorneys here in Los Angeles. We have recovered millions for our clients, both through settlements and through verdicts. Our attorneys do not believe in settling for less when it comes to your personal injury compensation.

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Motorcycle Accidents In Los Angeles

Despite numerous national ad campaigns targeted at vehicle drivers urging them to share roads and highways with motorcycles, motorcycle accidents have continued to rise here in Southern California. Since 1997, the number of motorcycle-related fatalities has doubled. In 2016, 566 California motorcyclists were killed in accidents, and 14,400 were injured.

As an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, Blair & Ramirez LLP has experience recovering personal injury compensation for the victims of motorcycle accidents. Call us at (213) 568-4000 for a free consultation.

Number of Motorcyclist Deaths in CA (2016)

What is the law regarding “lane-splitting” in California?

One California-specific factor is our lane-splitting and lane-sharing laws, which are unique in the United States and allow motorcycles to legally share (“split”) lanes with other cars or motorcycles. The results of allowing lane-sharing are likely themselves split: supporters point out that the practice helps riders avoid being rear-ended in stop-and-go traffic.

However, both supporters and opponents of the policy tend to agree that vehicle driver education about how to watch out for and behave around motorcycles splitting lanes could use improvement.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

There are a wide variety of reasons for the high number of motorcycle accidents, both nationally and here in California. One of the most obvious causes is the too-often fatal mixture of driver inattention and the relatively small profile of a motorcycle. The driver of a vehicle fails to check their blindspots or notice a motorcycle in the adjacent lane before getting over, leading to a dangerous collision.

Other motorcycle accidents are caused by road conditions and environmental factors. Hazards such as severe potholes, fallen debris, and more can all cause an accident, either when the motorcycle makes direct contact or when the rider swerves to avoid the obstacle.

What happens when vehicles and motorcycles make contact?

Motorcycle accidents are much more likely to result in a fatality than standard vehicle-to-vehicle accidents. According to data from the Governors Highway Safety Association, more than 5,286 motorcyclists were killed on U.S. roadways in 2016, making motorcyclist fatalities 28 times more frequent than passenger vehicle fatalities even with mileage taken into account. That same year, 14,400 motorcyclists in California were injured in accidents.

The dangers of motorcycles are not lost on riders. This form of transportation lacks the protective layer of a larger vehicle, which can mean that even low-speed collisions can jettison the rider from the bike and onto the street. Serious injuries can be the result, from broken bones and serious burns to brain and spinal injuries that cause serious quality-of-life issues down the road.

What is the financial fallout of motorcycle accidents?

A motorcycle accident that causes serious injuries for the rider can also lead to major medical costs, ranging from medical bills to the loss of income while the rider recovers. In the event that the rider is killed in the accident, their family faces the cost of the funeral and burial for their loved one, as well as the loss of income and support from the deceased.

As a comparative negligence law state, California allows insurers to reduce compensation to accident victims based on the degree of fault they shared in the accident. This rule—when paired with the built-in biases many have against motorcyclists—means that many accident victims end up receiving less in compensation for their injuries than they should.

As your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, the attorneys at Blair & Ramirez LLP are ready to stand with you and work to get you maximum compensation for the injuries you sustained as the victim of a motorcycle accident. For a free consultation, call us at (213) 568-4000.

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Types Of Motorcycle Accidents Here In Los Angeles

Any contact between a vehicle and a motorcycle, at any speed, can be a dangerous and potentially deadly encounter for the rider. Here are some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents here in the Los Angeles area.
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Recovering compensation for your personal injuries.

Motorcycle accidents and collisions can result in serious injuries or even death for their riders. Blair & Ramirez LLP specializes in helping motorcyclists and their families recover maximum compensation for their personal injuries or, in the event of the victim’s death, funeral and burial costs.

The Role Of Insurance Companies

The insurance company of the driver that hit your motorcycle will likely open an investigation into the accident and attempt to contact you and collect information. Our recommendation is that you speak with us first for a free consultation. The insurance company may sound conciliatory over the phone, but their goal is to limit their losses by reducing the amount they compensate you for your personal injuries resulting from the motorcycle accident.

California has comparative negligence laws that allow insurers to reduce compensation by the degree the victim of the accident was at fault for the collision. Any conversation or interview they have with you post-accident will contain questions devised to get you to admit some degree of fault. Motorcyclists hit by vehicles have seen their compensation reduced because they admitted to speeding at the time—even if that was not the direct cause of the collision.

Our attorneys can guide you through this process and what to say and do when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. This will ultimately play a major role in recovering maximum compensation for you, the accident’s victim.

Accidents Caused By Road Conditions

Motorcycles are generally more adversely affected by poor road conditions—ranging from cracks and potholes to loose construction debris—than other vehicles. While riders should always keep an eye out for poor road conditions, they are not always immediately apparent or possible to avoid. Too often, the results are dangerous and deadly. Blair & Ramirez LLP helps victims and their families recover compensation from the entity responsible for the poor road condition or debris.

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