Navigating Insurance Companies: Tactics and Tips for Personal Injury Claims


When other individuals commit negligent actions or inactions, accidents may occur that leave others with severe injuries. In these circumstances, accident victims and their lawyers must often deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company. This process can oftentimes be an uphill battle since insurance companies are usually unwilling to offer favorable monetary compensation to accident victims – especially those who ... Read More

Maximizing Compensation: Key Steps to Take After a Personal Injury Accident

Doctors begin an MRI on a hospitalized, injured woman to look for the signs of a concussion or brain damage.

Accidents that result from other people's negligence, including car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents, can lead to debilitating injuries and financial losses. To help ensure that you recover the monetary compensation you need and deserve for your accident-related injuries, you should take several steps as quickly as possible after your accident. In addition to seeking ... Read More

Recent Changes to California Sexual Harassment Laws and Their Implications


A new federal law that is intended to protect workers from sexual misconduct on the job was signed into effect late last year, and it releases employees from certain nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) that formerly impeded them from speaking up. In fact, the act is called the Speak Out Act, and it can affect significant changes in workplaces across America. For ... Read More

What to Expect during an Abuse or Molestation Case – A Guide for Survivors

A view of City Hall in historic Pasadena, California.

Sexual abuse and molestation can happen anywhere. Unfortunately, the consequences that reverberate from these heinous acts are all too real. When left to fester, they can lead to emotional pain and suffering that is difficult to overcome. Sexual abuse and molestation should never be tolerated or swept under the rug, and if you’re a survivor, consulting with an experienced California ... Read More

The Importance of Documenting Incidents of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Sexual harassment in the workplace is not uncommon, and it can be especially harmful to those employees who are affected – while also negatively affecting overall employee morale. Sexual harassment can be so ingrained in the company’s culture that it’s difficult to pinpoint, and if you’re the victim of sexual harassment on the job, you may have no idea how ... Read More

How Do I Know If I Have a Concussion?


Concussions are especially common in traffic accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, and determining whether you’ve suffered this type of brain injury can be challenging. A concussion is a serious injury that can lead to long-lasting complications. Concussions are common in traffic accidents of every kind and to slip-and-fall accidents. Some of the challenging aspects of concussions are that they are unpredictable ... Read More

Driving in the Rain – Rainy Day Hazards

21549007 - car driving on huge puddle during a downpour

Rain plays a prominent role in crash statistics, and motorists are required to modify their driving accordingly. Excess speed is often the culprit in rain-related accidents. While most of us consider rain a bit of a nuisance when we’re trying to get wherever it is that we’re going, we rarely focus on exactly how dangerous rain is in relation to ... Read More

The Most Common Examples of Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment can take wide-ranging forms, and if you have been victimized by any of them on the job, it’s time to consult with an experienced California sexual harassment attorney. Sexual harassment can take many different forms, and they are all damaging. California takes sexual harassment very seriously – calling it a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII ... Read More

Headaches After a Car Accident


If another driver’s negligence leaves you with lingering post-accident headaches, it’s time to consult with a dedicated California car accident attorney. The impact of a car accident can lead to a range of serious injuries that are utterly evident from the outset. Some very serious injuries, however, reveal themselves slowly, and your surging adrenaline, along with the shock you experience ... Read More

What Should You Do After a Work Accident?

A man lifting heavy boxes reaches for his back after an apparent spine injury.

Being injured on the job leaves you in a uniquely tricky position. Not only are you facing medical expenses that may be ongoing, but you can also be experiencing a loss of wages that makes those medical costs that much more challenging. The steps you take next can play an especially important role in your recovery, which makes having an ... Read More