How Do I Know If I Have a Concussion?


Concussions are especially common in traffic accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, and determining whether you’ve suffered this type of brain injury can be challenging. A concussion is a serious injury that can lead to long-lasting complications. Concussions are common in traffic accidents of every kind and to slip-and-fall accidents. Some of the challenging aspects of concussions are that they are unpredictable ... Read More

Driving in the Rain – Rainy Day Hazards

21549007 - car driving on huge puddle during a downpour

Rain plays a prominent role in crash statistics, and motorists are required to modify their driving accordingly. Excess speed is often the culprit in rain-related accidents. While most of us consider rain a bit of a nuisance when we’re trying to get wherever it is that we’re going, we rarely focus on exactly how dangerous rain is in relation to ... Read More