Uber/Lyft Driver Accident Injuries

Driver Accident Injuries

Uber and Lyft drivers provide many people in the Los Angeles area with convenient service, and millions of people rely on rideshare drivers to get them where they need to go each and every day. This demand means that more and more drivers are signing on to work for Uber and Lyft, and the number of rideshare vehicles on the road is increasing. Unfortunately, this also means that the number of accidents caused by rideshare drivers is likely to increase as well.

Uber and Lyft crashes can result in severe injuries to everyone involved: rideshare passengers, occupants of other vehicles, and even drivers themselves. If you have sustained injuries or losses in a rideshare crash, you should immediately seek the advice of an experienced Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

While beautiful, the Pacific Coast Highway is a potentially dangerous stretch of freeway for drivers.

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Injuries from Uber and Lyft crashes

Rideshare vehicles can be involved in many types of collisions, including: rear-end crashes, head-on collisions, rollovers, and more. Rideshares not only get into accidents with other passenger vehicles, but also can collide with large commercial trucks, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and more. The nature and severity of the resulting injuries will often depend on the type of collision and the types of vehicles involved.

Here are some common injuries that can result from Uber or Lyft accidents:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Many accident victims sustain traumatic brain injuries, which can include concussions or more severe, lasting injuries. TBIs occur due to direct trauma to the head or a sudden jolt of the head that causes the brain to rattle in the skull. This can damage your brain tissue, which has varying effects depending on the part of the brain damaged and the extent of the injury. While some people recover from their injuries, many people who experience serious TBIs are left dealing with permanent cognitive, physical, or behavioral impairments.

Back and neck injuries

The sudden stop that comes with an accident puts incredible stress on the human body. Accident victims most often sustain injuries to their back and neck. Whiplash is a common car accident injury, and its effects are far too often discounted and underestimated. In reality, whiplash can cause serious pain, lead to a loss of range of motion, and require extensive physical therapy. Back injuries can similarly impact your life and keep you from working until you receive the treatment you need to recover.

Spinal injuries

When you sustain back trauma, it can damage your spine. This can result in herniated discs and similar issues, requiring either physical therapy or surgery. If your spinal cord suffers trauma, it can cause debilitating and possibly permanent issues, including paralysis. A complete spinal injury can eliminate all movement and sensory abilities below the injury, as well as the loss of organ function. This type of spinal injury can result in lifelong impairments and healthcare costs.


The physical trauma of an accident can fracture many different bones in the body simultaneously. All fractures require medical attention, and they can take weeks or months to heal. Some fractures are more serious and may require the insertion of pins, rods, or other hardware by a surgeon. Compound fractures need emergency surgery to prevent infection and ensure the bone heals properly. When a fracture heals incorrectly, it can cause the disfigurement of the bone, as well as lasting pain and problems.

Soft tissue injuries

Accidents can cause you to move in unnatural ways, which can strain or tear your tendons, ligaments, or muscles. These injuries often worsen in the days following an accident and should be properly diagnosed and—depending on the situation—treated with either physical therapy or surgery.

Recovering for your Uber and Lyft injury losses

Whether you needed a few weeks of medical treatment for whiplash or years of ongoing care for a debilitating brain injury, you deserve to recover compensation for all of your losses if an Uber or Lyft driver caused your accident. This process is difficult to navigate, which is why you should call an experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles if you have been injured in a rideshare accident.

If you were a passenger in the rideshare vehicle when the driver crashed, Uber or Lyft’s corporate insurance policy should cover all of your injuries and losses up to $1 million. If you were in another vehicle, walking, or riding a bicycle, the situation is more complicated. You want to have an attorney who can identify the proper sources of recovery for your losses.

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