A deadly motorcycle crash in San Bernardino County

Everyone who rides a motorcycle needs to understand the risk of accidents and injuries. When you crash, you have very little to protect you, and your body is vulnerable to physical trauma. Motorcycles have no restraint systems, which often means that a collision will throw the cyclist off of the bike and onto the pavement. A recent tragic crash here in San Bernardino County illustrates just how dangerous a motorcycle accident can be for those involved.

A recent motorcycle crash in San Bernardino highlights the dangers motorcyclists face on our roads.

A recent motorcycle crash in San Bernardino highlights the dangers motorcyclists face on our roads.

Three collisions in a row

The California Highway Patrol reported that in early December, a 36-year-old man was riding his motorcycle westbound on the 210 Freeway when he collided into the back of Nissan Sentra. This collision threw the bike off balance, causing it to veer to the left into an adjacent lane. The motorcycle then crashed into the back of a Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner collision sent the motorcyclist flying from the bike onto the freeway, and he was then hit by a Honda Pilot. After collisions with three separate vehicles, emergency response personnel declared the motorcyclist dead at the scene.

Chain reaction motorcycle crashes

While chain reaction crashes can occur with any type of vehicle, they are incredibly common with motorcycles. Motorcycles are lighter than cars and trucks, and even the slightest impact or overcorrection can send them spinning out of control into other lanes or off the road entirely. This can result in collisions with multiple vehicles in a matter of seconds.

To make matters worse, motorcyclists regularly get ejected from their bikes because they have no seat belts or steel frames to keep them on the motorcycle. After an ejection, motorcyclists might land on the roadway in the path of oncoming traffic. Even if a driver is paying close attention to the road, they might not be able to stop in time to avoid hitting someone who suddenly landed in their lane.

When multiple vehicles are involved in a single accident, it is important to determine who was liable for causing injuries to the motorcyclist. If another driver or a third party was responsible for causing the initial crash—or the subsequent collisions—surviving family members might have a valid claim for compensation.

The cause of the accident noted above has not yet been determined. However, the process of finding liability is likely to be complex. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash or you lost a close family member in an accident, you should speak with an experienced lawyer who can initiate an investigation and case evaluation.

Contact a San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your rights

Motorcycle accidents regularly end in severe injuries or tragic fatalities. It is important for victims and their families to understand their rights and whether someone else can be held liable for any resulting injuries and losses. At Blair & Ramirez LLP, we offer free personal injury case evaluations. Call (213) 568-4000 or contact us online to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in San Bernardino today.