Wage and Hour Laws in California: A Guide to Overtime, Minimum Wage, and Meal Breaks

A forklift carries a pallet of bricks on a construction site here in Los Angeles, California.

California has wage and hour laws in place that protect employees in relation to overtime pay, minimum wage, and meal breaks. When these laws aren’t upheld, employees have options. The State of California has careful laws in place that are designed to protect employees in relation to a wide range of factors, including overtime pay, minimum wage, meal breaks, and ... Read More

Auto Accident Settlements and Verdicts

While beautiful, the Pacific Coast Highway is a potentially dangerous stretch of freeway for drivers.

Car accidents that result from other drivers' negligence can lead to injuries and ongoing medical treatment. However, settling a personal injury claim that involves a car accident is oftentimes an uphill battle. Insurance companies do not make the process easy and will do anything they possibly can to undermine a car accident claim and avoid paying out sufficient compensation to ... Read More