Maximizing Compensation: Key Steps to Take After a Personal Injury Accident

Doctors begin an MRI on a hospitalized, injured woman to look for the signs of a concussion or brain damage.

Accidents that result from other people's negligence, including car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents, can lead to debilitating injuries and financial losses. To help ensure that you recover the monetary compensation you need and deserve for your accident-related injuries, you should take several steps as quickly as possible after your accident. In addition to seeking ... Read More

Recent Changes to California Sexual Harassment Laws and Their Implications


A new federal law that is intended to protect workers from sexual misconduct on the job was signed into effect late last year, and it releases employees from certain nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) that formerly impeded them from speaking up. In fact, the act is called the Speak Out Act, and it can affect significant changes in workplaces across America. For ... Read More

What to Expect during an Abuse or Molestation Case – A Guide for Survivors

A view of City Hall in historic Pasadena, California.

Sexual abuse and molestation can happen anywhere. Unfortunately, the consequences that reverberate from these heinous acts are all too real. When left to fester, they can lead to emotional pain and suffering that is difficult to overcome. Sexual abuse and molestation should never be tolerated or swept under the rug, and if you’re a survivor, consulting with an experienced California ... Read More