Apple’s Latest Watch and iPhone Take Accident Detection Seriously

Accident Detection Apple Watch

Apple’s new Accident Detection detects severe car crashes and automatically calls 911. Seeking your own medical attention after less severe crashes, however, remains critical. As usual, Apple’s latest debuts – the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 – are poised to do it all, and this time doing it all includes detecting serious car accidents and calling 911 in ... Read More

Wage Theft in California: Your Rights


Wage theft is all too common in California, and it is also against the law – but a dedicated California wage theft attorney can help. If your California employer fails to pay you in accordance with the law, it is considered wage theft, and there are legal protections in place that can help. The intentional theft of wages by employers ... Read More

Your Rights Regarding Continued Employment in California

Four of our employment law attorneys in Los Angeles meet in a conference room to discuss an upcoming case.

As an at-will employee in California, you have important rights that are well worth protecting, and an experienced California worker rights attorney can help. In California, most employment is what is called at will. Understanding what this term means for you as an employee is critical to your ability to protect your job termination rights in California, but the concept ... Read More