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Train Accidents

Traveling by train is relatively safe but, like any other type of transportation, accidents do happen. Trains are powerful machines, and crashes involve significant force. Combined with the fact that few train passengers wear safety belts, train accidents can result in devastating injuries. If you have suffered injuries in a train crash, you should seek compensation for your losses. You need the help and guidance of a highly experienced train accident lawyer in California as soon as possible.


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Free Case Evaluator

Find out how much your case is worth.

Types of train accident cases

Train accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Our legal team handles cases stemming from the following scenarios:

  • Train derailments
  • Trains colliding with passenger vehicles
  • Trains colliding with pedestrians
  • Collisions between two trains
  • Train crashes caused by defective train parts
  • Fatal train crashes

Each of these accidents will require different investigative resources and can involve different types of liability for the crash. For example, if a train derails, you want the help of a train derailment attorney who understands the technical reasons for this type of accident. Our attorneys take on all types of train crash cases. No matter how your injuries happened, we can evaluate your rights and help you seek compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Who might be liable for your train accident?

Our railroad accident attorney will start by determining whether or not someone else might be liable for your injuries and losses. A party is liable when they act negligently and their negligence leads to injuries. After a train crash, your lawyer will have to determine what caused the accident, as well as who should be held responsible. We can accomplish this with the help of experts, investigative reports, and more.

Here are some of the parties that might potentially be liable for a train accident:

  • Train operators: Individual train operators can make serious mistakes that cause a train to crash. These can include operating a train while impaired or drowsy, not following safety protocols, and more.
  • Train companies: Companies are held liable when an employee is negligent and causes injuries. If a train operator causes an accident, the operating company will also be liable. Companies can be negligent in their own right, as well, including by failing to maintain their trains, not properly training operators, not supervising operators, engaging in negligent hiring, and more.
  • Train manufacturers: Train manufacturers have the duty to produce trains that are safe for use. When a train is defective, a malfunctioning part can cause a crash or derailment. In such cases, the manufacturer is liable for all injuries sustained.
  • Track manufacturers: The engineers that design train tracks and the companies that build them also must ensure that the tracks are safe for their intended use, within their designated lifespan. Improperly designed or assembled tracks can cause a derailment or another serious accident.
  • Drivers: Drivers of vehicles can make errors that cause a train to collide with their vehicle. This can include leaving a vehicle on the tracks, not following traffic signals or warning signs, and other negligent behavior.

Our railroad accident lawyers will inform you which party or parties should be liable for your losses.

What losses can you recover?

Once our attorneys have determined the liable parties, they will then help you calculate the value of all of your past and future losses. It is important to seek recovery for all losses from the start, since you will not be able to return and request more compensation after you accept a settlement or receive a jury award.

Train accident injuries can be extremely serious, and so can the losses. Many people sustain life-changing injuries that require costly medical treatment, cause them to stop working, and leave them with permanent impairments. Victims can recover for a variety of their losses, including:

  • Past medical treatment
  • Estimated costs of future treatment
  • Lost income and future lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Wrongful death

An experienced personal injury attorney can advise you how much your claim might be worth.

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